Our Efforts

B Brave improves the lives of children and families affected by rare, incurable neurological disorders. We strive to enhance the care experience for patients, families and healthcare providers, focusing on maximizing time families have together and finding ways to reduce stress. Our mission involves four key stakeholders:

  • Affected children, for whom we advocate through developing a care model that minimizes unnecessary suffering. We accomplish this by partnering with healthcare professionals, caregivers and families to maximize the time families have together by optimizing care.
  • Parents and families, who receive direct financial aid, emotional support, guidance and a community that has traveled their same journey. This not only eases financial challenges, but ideally provides a path toward hope and healing.
  • Healthcare professionals, with whom B Brave partners to make caring for affected children as compassionate and effective as possible. We seek to bridge the gaps in our fragmented healthcare system, which is not designed to care for these medically complex children.
  • Supporters – the extended network of family and friends who can make all the difference in helping parents get through this challenge. For this group, we provide guidance, practical tips and advice on how they can best help those they love.

You can do this. You are not alone.