How We Help

We Build Bridges to a Brighter Future

The Beginning

The initial diagnosis is the start of an overwhelming journey, as a family is desperate for answers and treatment options are limited. B Brave connects parents with people who’ve been there before, tying them to a loving community that delivers immediate help when a family may not even know what they need yet. We provide practical support, tools to improve communication between families and medical providers and caregiving-related resources. We are here for the long haul.

We’ve been there and that’s why we are here

The Journey

As a family and those they love work to cope with the devastating news of an incurable diagnosis for their child, B Brave provides support and allows families to feel safe and supported.

You are not alone. B Brave shares resources tailored for each individual family’s journey and process. We can offer advice for how to advocate for your child, and we can share a blueprint for a plan of care that emphasizes the child’s comfort and encourages as much quality time as possible with the family. B Brave assists families and their medically fragile children through advocacy, tangible assistance and emotional support in the form of professional resources and a community of peers.

Approaching End of Life & Bereavement Support

Facing end-of-life decisions for a child is heartbreaking and incredibly hard. No one can prepare to hear the worst news imaginable, and getting through it takes more courage than you think you have. B Brave is here to help, whether that’s through financial resources, vital information, connecting you with an empathetic community or helping families and caregivers to communicate more openly. We encourage and empower families, caregivers and those that love them — all with the goal of building bridges to a better future.

There is no single prescription and each family’s journey is unique. We respect that individual process as families experience their own challenges, treatments and grief. We’re honored to serve as a non-judgmental confidant as you make your own path through this challenging journey. B Brave’s support doesn’t end when a family loses a child. We are there for every family throughout the grieving process, providing connections to bereavement counselors and other families who have walked their own journey of overwhelming feelings of loss and hopelessness.

You can do this. You are not alone.

You can do this. You are not alone.