“B Brave has supported me professionally as a healthcare provider.”

Sally Fenik
Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Palliative Care at Cleveland Clinic Children’s

“I think more people need to support B Brave because they do a lot for the families, for the  kiddos, and they not only do like economic… it’s emotional, sentimental”

Santa Monica
Evelin’s mom

“When we got the diagnosis, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that alone in my life.

With Adam leaving his job all of the finances have been on my shoulders and I was honestly struggling to work full time. I’m really thankful to be part time and just thankful for your foundation’s help to make our ends meet so I can focus on my son and spending what time we have left with him!”

Kim Rudness
Greyson’s mom


“I have been practicing social work for 22 years and can honestly say that there are very few foundations out there to serve children affected by rare incurable neurological disorders. The support provided from B Brave has enabled a single grandfather to cover the cost of his granddaughter’s funeral. This grandfather has peace of mind and can begin his grief journey. Thanks to B Brave Foundation, many pediatric hospice families have had their rent/mortgage and utilities covered. I’m thankful for their commitment to help support families during life’s most challenging moments.”

Michelle Miller
Pediatric Social Worker with Hospice of the Western Reserve

“B Brave helps families like ours get through it.”

Rudness Family
Banker and Stay-at-Home Dad

“The people who donate, help and support B Brave make it possible for people like Madelyn to live a normal life.”

Jennifer Southern and Madelyn Suarez

You can do this. You are not alone.