B Brave Foundation

Top Golf Outing

Bidding is now open for a 2.5 hour premium golf experience at Top Golf! You can bring 12 golfers + 4 spectators and you’ll receive dinner for all your golfers and appetizers and beverages to go along. We won’t debate how good you are at golf, but if you’d like to take swing on the green, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this $700 value auction item that is currently available for a bid of $150!

New Day Cleveland Replay

ICYMI: Earlier today our B Brave founders were invited to join New Day Cleveland on Fox 8 to spread the word about our Annual Fundraiser and raise some awareness for everything we are doing to help families in need. If you missed it, take a moment to watch it.

The Forgotten Siblings

An estimated twenty-seven percent of children are living with one or more chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses are diseases that last more than several months or those with the impossibility of a cure. Most people are well aware of the impact that physical symptoms and treatment can have on the life of the sick child. However,…